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Cycling abroad

And by that I mean in the continent I’m from. I wrote a post for en bici por madrid about city riding in the Pacific Northwest with a few comparisons to riding in my adopted city. Enjoy!

Words and pictures

Life has been busy and blogging hasn’t been a priority lately. Good things have been happening, though. Here’s a taste of the past few months, in which I’ve

rediscovered the complete awesomeness of Asturias;

fallen in love all over again with Lisboa;

still been bike commuting and gotten the bici a little fame;

uncovered the mystery that is Andorra;

and, in pursuit of more snow, been to Gredos and back in a day.

I’ve also been randomly working on a map of my favorite spots in Madrid. Enjoy!

Autobombo October


A little bit of press for the new neighborhood.

Latest autobombo

I hadn’t been doing much writing since the demise of Inside Spain back in March (yes, the crisis has hit very close to home), but I’m happy to report that I’ve started up again. I’m writing about Madrid for the travel site Momondo, which is primarily a flight search engine, but also has a well-reported section of travel articles from cities around the world. My first piece, about Madrid terrazas, is up and there should be more to come soon. Keep up with me here.

March autobombo

In this month’s Inside Spain, I have an article about Greenpeace Spain, which turns 25 this month. You can check that piece out here. Also, this month and last I did interviews with mixed-nationality couples who’ve lived together in Spain as well as the other partner’s country. In February, I talked to Amy and Nacho and this month to Reme and Mark. Enjoy!

December autobombo extravaganza!


This month features my written work in three different places: first, in the totally free monthly English-language magazine InMadrid, where I have a piece about getting your hands on organic fruit and veg in Madrid on page 18 (pdf); second, in the not free (and somewhat difficult to find) Inside Spain, where I describe Spanish eating and drinking traditions at Christmas (pdf here); and, third, in December’s Condé Nast Traveler, where I have a very short piece about president-elect Barack Obama’s celebrity supporters (this one is in Spanish).

You can pick up a copy of InMadrid at any guiri-friendly establishment in this fine city; there’s also a list here. Your best bet for finding Inside Spain is to go to one of the places on this list. And Condé Nast Traveler can be found at most kiosks and all VIPS (this last location is recommended because you can pick the mag up and read as much as you want without buying it).

Inside Spain

Lately I’ve been doing some writing for a new English-language magazine in Spain. The mag, which is called Inside Spain, aims to bring Spanish culture and news into focus for expats living in the country. It also has sections about property, legal issues, and even colloquial language brought to you by our friends Ben and Marina over at Notes in Spanish. I wrote the food and wine section for September’s issue, and in the October issue, I did some reporting about horchata. Enjoy!

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