End of summer, return to Madrid and a strong desire to get out into the hills. Where to go? Somewhere a little less populated and a little more rugged than Madrid’s sierra, yet not far enough to have to spend a whole weekend there. Gredos fits the bill perfectly time and time again. Just over two hours from Madrid with enough mountains and pueblos to keep you busy for quite a while. I’ve been going for five years and still haven’t tired of it.

Lately we’ve done long day hikes (10+ hours) by leaving Madrid Friday afternoon, camping for the night, hiking all Saturday, and returning late Saturday night. Here’s the start of the last one, a traverse from Bohoyo to the Plataforma via an ascent of La Galana.

I love those ferns. Sometimes central Spain lacks in vegetation, but those rock. Lakes also rock, and Gredos has some pretty nice looking ones, like Cinco Lagunas.

Rocks are everywhere and, once you get up high enough, there are views that don’t disappoint,

like a different angle on a peak you know well.

It’s always satisfying to admire the peak you’ve just climbed, more so if you’ve done it without any other people around.

As the sun sinks lower you get a close-up view of the local wildlife, clearly not bothered by the presence of the two-legged species.


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  1. 1 Regina - The Spain Scoop Thursday, 13 September, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    Nice goat shot! I want to get to the Pyrenees for fall color soon.

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