For those of us who work in education, September is like New Year’s. Without the hangover, of course. Or the cold. In fact, September is one of the nicest months around in terms of weather. And Madrid is still delightfully sleepy, not quite woken up from its long summer siesta. It’s a lovely time to cycle around the city—the weather’s good, but not as hot as summer, in the morning and the evening there’s a refreshing chill in the air, and the streets haven’t quite regained their habitual chaos.

I spent some of the summer in Berlin, and came back to Madrid with a new bici. That was pretty exciting. I’d been thinking about a new bike for a while, and I fell in love with the ones at a shop near my language school. The bicycle is a joy to ride: it’s a trekking model, has an 8-gear internal hub, internal dynamo, fenders… It’s a great commuting bike and should do the job for weekend jaunts to the countryside, too.

The first thing I did before taking it out in Madrid, however, was buy a good second lock. I already use an OnGuard Bulldog DT, which is a reasonably priced U-lock with an extra cable, and I’m happy with it, despite the plastic covering the crossbar falling completely off within the first months of use. After reading some lock strategy, including that of Sheldon Brown, I decided I needed another type of lock that wasn’t a U and not a cable, because cable locks are so easily defeated. I looked in the States, and found a lot of U-locks and huge chains, neither of which appealed to me. So when I got back to Madrid, I headed to Otero, and without any hesitation was recommended this Abus bad boy, which is supposedly one of the toughest on the market. I feel pretty good leaving my bike for the day with two locks on it, but I suppose if someone’s determined enough, any lock can be broken.

Now the problem is how to fit both bikes in our small apartment (thankfully, my flatmate’s been very laidback about it). Happy September, and happy cycling.

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