Lunch epiphany

It was three-thirty in the afternoon on a rainy Monday. I was hungry and in Malasaña with a dear visitor from the States. We’d intended to go to a vegetarian restaurant recommended by a friend, but, it we’d found it shuttered. We weren’t especially tempted by any of the nearby offerings (though there are some good ones), and, all of a sudden I spied a plaid-shirted lad heading into the Hare Krishna center. I’d been by many a time and heard rather vague information about inexpensive vegetarian meals served there. Let’s check it out, I said. And in we went, rather tentatively, though we were soon reassured by the line of people waiting to pay and shiny trays of colorful food they got in exchange. We removed our shoes—no biggie, that’s how it works in my house and at yoga class—and joined the line.

Six euros and ten minutes later we were seated on mats on the floor digging into some delicious, filling vegetarian food (green salad, white beans, vegetable curry and rice, homemade whole-grain bread, and dessert), surrounded by plenty of other relaxed- and content-looking diners. People got seconds, people stayed and chatted, we asked one of the men serving food about the whole thing. Every weekday you can go and eat at 15.15. They sing at 14.45 (just our luck to have come after). Lunch is at 15.00 on Saturday, and on Sunday it’s an evening meal and it’s free. And they sell loaves of their awesome bread for two-and-a-half euros. Totally recommended.


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  1. 1 BrittatLarge Tuesday, 26 July, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    And just so you know, if you are hungry any where in the world where there is a Hare Krishna center, it is the same, sometimes even free. I had the most delicious vegan meal in the Krisha center in Sydney Australia years and yeas ago!probably 15 years ago – and I still remember it!

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