Miyama, or where to get a great Japanese menú del día

ice-creamIf you’ve ever tired of bad menus del día, Spanish food, or ornery waiters, make the next weekday lunch menú you eat at Miyama. While it’s a bit pricier than where I would usually eat lunch, the 18.80 euros are well spent on better-than-normal Japanese food, attentive service, and a pleasant atmosphere. The place tends to fill up, so reservations are recommended. My friend and I were seated on a recent Friday only because we put on our best puppy-dog faces and told the maitre d’ it was a birthday lunch (which was true … just two months late). You can choose between a sushi or sashimi menu, both of which consist of a number of courses. Both my friend and I chose the sushi. Before we received our rolls, we ate a tiny tuna aperitivo with our drinks, followed by a bowl of miso soup, a basket each of vegetable and seafood tempura, and then our 12-piece rolls. To wrap things up, we chose the delicious green tea ice cream.


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