¡No más números 900!

I just want to rant a little bit here about the relative lack of toll-free numbers in Spain. I can call anyone’s landline in Spain from mine completely free (most people can if they’ve contracted Internet in their house), but to call my health insurance provider I have to pay. Where’s the logic?

Last year the Comunidad de Madrid gave us auxiliares private medical insurance with MAPFRE, a very well-known Spanish insurer. The insurance is very good, but I had to call them whenever I visited a doctor and needed some sort of follow-up (physical therapy, lab analysis, etc.) because you must get an authorization code for the additional treatment. The only number one can reach them on is a 902-number, o sea, a number you must pay to call. It’s a shared-cost number (I pay part and MAPFRE pays part), but still. It angers me to have to pay for something like that. I’m not the only one: there’s a whole community of people outraged by these 900 numbers (901, one step worse than 902, charges the caller everything) and they have a campaign to inform the public of the no-cost equivalent of these numbers.

Unfortunately, the 902-equivalent number for MAPFRE Caja Salud doesn’t seem to exist.


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