Election shenanigans

Election season is upon us here in España. I’m not incredibly informed, but I like to keep abreast of important developments, like the one I wrote about the other day. And we’ve got a new one today.

Good old Rafael Simancas, the socialist candidate for the presidency of the Madrid region, has a bone to pick with someone. In what appears to be an honest mistake, the metro station that shares his last name (a stop on line 7) has disappeared from the latest edition of the metro map. Granted, they’ve been opening what seems like 11 new stations every day for the past weeks. But Simancas is still open. At least that’s what the neighbors say.

This weekend, the current president of the Comunidad, the right-wing Esperanza Aguirre, inaugurated the extension of line 7 to the far eastern reaches of our fair city, only making the elimination of the poor Simancas station from the map a little more suspicious.

Simanca has promised not to change the name of line 4’s Esperanza station when he’s president. But, he says, he will name Madrid’s best golf tournament after her.


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