El Musical

That’s right–this is a musical with a capital “M.” What am I talking about? The project we’ve been working on since October at school. The Wackadoo Zoo!
One of the English teachers at my school visited our “twinned school” in England over the summer, and saw them perform a very cute little musical called “The Wackadoo Zoo” about a zoo where the animals make the wrong sounds and a linguistics professor comes to try to fix them.Since this year we’re doing music class in English for the first and second graders, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to prepare a musical with them. What does that entail? We know now. Adapting the musical for our young English students. Teaching five songs as well as some fairly complex choreography(!). Teaching lines to our four narrators and the Professor. Spending lunch hours painting trees, making bushes, planning, organizing, and more planning and organizing. Tons and tons of work. You’d never guess.And sometime right before Christmas we found out about a theater competition for bilingual schools. So we entered. The big performance for the jury (and parents, friends, kids from other schools, etc.) is on Tuesday morning at 10.30 at Colegio La Salle San Rafael (C/ Fernando el Católico, 49 for you Madrileños).
Who knows if we’ll win. There are ten other schools competing, some of them veterans of the competition. We do know, however, that every single first and second grader will appear on that stage on Tuesday morning, singing and dancing like a lion, monkey, pig, sheep, or cow and we’ll be really really proud of them.

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